Gauge Interactive | Brand Battle Cry

Each year, Gauge Interactive chooses a unifying theme to use as the battle cry for their team. These phrases become integral to Gauge's culture, the company's core values, and their brand message. They become sayings that help the team remember what's important on a day to day basis. This year Gauge Interactive chose "Zag Not Zig" as their battle cry. "Zag Not Zig" helps Gauge remember that when everyone else is Zigging they need to Zag. In short, to do things differently, break boundaries, and innovate more than the competition. These desires permeate everything from the way Gauge interacts with clients to how they design and develop their websites. Even in the day to day activities, Gauge Interactive wants to remember to “Zag Not Zig.” 

My task was to create this year's battle cry. The Knight navigates differently from the rest. It maneuvers in an​ L​ formation, and it can jump over other pieces as it moves alternately to both light and dark squares. In Blitz Chess, a high-stakes take on the classic, it wields the most power in closed positions. As designers, we should strive to embrace this philosophy, and Zag through the competition.