Farewell 3X3, I Thought You Were Better Than This

This article is a prime example of why I don't submit to these kind of competitions anymore!!!!

This is such a terrible attempt at tricking young, unexperienced artists into submitting to their 3X3 show. 
Just because an artist isn't submitting to 3X3 anymore, doesn't mean they're not around. The illustration field doesn't primarily exist in the 3X3 bubble...or any competition for that matter. This is a crude and offensive missrepresentation of the field and I'm outraged.

Illustrators last for only 10 years? That is BULL!!!!! 
Most illustrators start figuring things out after 10 years and their work starts branching out beyond just editorials......into comics, movies, concept art, advertising, toys, fine art...and so on. 
Just because an artist is not submitting to 3X3 means they're not around?...NO, it's because they've become wiser and figured out that it's a publication that means nothing to their careers in the long run.

Us illustrators need to stand together against people like this. Don't buy into this garbage...we're better than this.!!!!!

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An excerpt from the discussion:


The Walking Dead Warm-Up

Coffee, breakfast, rewatching season three of The Walking Dead and doing some screenshot studies ...life is good. :)


Sketchbook MEME

I was going through some of my old sketchbook work....and some of the older pieces really made me gag...so I decided to do this fun little MEME. :)


Balcony View

View of my apartment complex from my balcony. Too many baren trees.


I typically rely on just line work in my sketchbooks...but I've been having a lot of fun adding some burgundy Prismacolor values to the sketches. Some people have asked me what I use for the white areas -  it's just white paint bucket in Photoshop. It helps the drawing 'pop' a little and it makes the line work stand out more. This was a quick self-portrait before lunch time. I don't get out much as I'm stuck in the studio pretty much 24-7, so it's getting a bit old drawing my apartment and doing self portraits. :)


Late Evening Snack

After a long day of work...a quick sketch to wrap things up for the day, a doodle of my kitchen corner.

Embracing the AM

Early warm up sketch after breakfast. And no, I don't drink wine for breakfast. haha. :)


Too Early to Draw

Did a quick self portrait right after rolling out of bed. Something tells me I need a haircut. :P


Workspace Speed Sketch

Super fast, early morning warm-up sketch of my workspace. Feels good to be back in the Moleskine. Helps me loosen up a bit and I feel like I'm having more fun with the squigglier lines. :)

A Great Article on Why Resumes are Dead!

A MUST READ fellow illustrators!!

A superb article on why resumes are DEAD and why BIOs are the way to go. I've build my entire career based on this principle and haven't used a resume in over 7 years.

One of the worst things I see young artists do is post a "traditional resume" on their website. It's tacky, it's ugly, it's old fashioned.....and it's useless.

Art directors want to know who "you" are as a person. You need to develop "relationships" with clients... and introducing yourself through a personalized bio is a great way to start. 
I wish more schools would stress this out. Dear rising illustrators....your website is your everything. How you present yourself there IS your resume. 

Times are changing and you need to change with them.

Read the article HERE!


Moleskine Sketch

Found an old Moleskine lying around with a few blank pages left, so I decided to do a quick self portrait. Oh how I miss drawing in the Moleskine, ...the paper quality is so superior to everything else out there. :)


Speed Sketch

Quick early morning speed sketch...warming up for the day.


Popidiot T-Shirts

Recently bough some amazing T-shirts from my good friend and fellow artist Kelly Alder. He has an amazing selection of designs for both men and women. Check out his store!


Charlie Day as Green Man

I was looking at some hilarious costumes of Green Man online and I couldn't help myself but to draw this.... So, this is to all you Sunny fans out there!!!!



Had some fun drawing this Samurai dude today. Feel like I went overboard with the inks a little bit?! What are your thoughts?! :)



Having some fun with cartooning! :P


Japanese Street Corner - Colored

And voila, the colored version of the previous sketch! :)

Japanese Street Corner

Another sketch of a Japanese Street Corner. Might color this later on. :)


Happy New Years!

New Year's resolution: Draw more ugly looking characters...It's just too much fun! :) Happy New Years everyone! :)