Farewell 3X3, I Thought You Were Better Than This

This article is a prime example of why I don't submit to these kind of competitions anymore!!!!

This is such a terrible attempt at tricking young, unexperienced artists into submitting to their 3X3 show. 
Just because an artist isn't submitting to 3X3 anymore, doesn't mean they're not around. The illustration field doesn't primarily exist in the 3X3 bubble...or any competition for that matter. This is a crude and offensive missrepresentation of the field and I'm outraged.

Illustrators last for only 10 years? That is BULL!!!!! 
Most illustrators start figuring things out after 10 years and their work starts branching out beyond just editorials......into comics, movies, concept art, advertising, toys, fine art...and so on. 
Just because an artist is not submitting to 3X3 means they're not around?...NO, it's because they've become wiser and figured out that it's a publication that means nothing to their careers in the long run.

Us illustrators need to stand together against people like this. Don't buy into this garbage...we're better than this.!!!!!

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