A Great Article on Why Resumes are Dead!

A MUST READ fellow illustrators!!

A superb article on why resumes are DEAD and why BIOs are the way to go. I've build my entire career based on this principle and haven't used a resume in over 7 years.

One of the worst things I see young artists do is post a "traditional resume" on their website. It's tacky, it's ugly, it's old fashioned.....and it's useless.

Art directors want to know who "you" are as a person. You need to develop "relationships" with clients... and introducing yourself through a personalized bio is a great way to start. 
I wish more schools would stress this out. Dear rising illustrators....your website is your everything. How you present yourself there IS your resume. 

Times are changing and you need to change with them.

Read the article HERE!