The Syd Mead

This illustration was a gift for my friend Syd Mead, the incredible concept artist behind movies such as Blade Runner, Tron, Aliens, and so much more. Thank you Syd, for being so supportive of my career,for being a good friend and for being such an incredible inspiration since my childhood! :)


Sketches and childhood drawings

A couple more sketches from the past few days.

And as a bonus.....drawings from when I was 8 years old. :) ouch!!!


Dead Island

I decided to give the Dead Island sketch a finishing touch. Thoughts? Comments? Crits? :)

Mademoiselle and a zombie babe

An early morning warm up drawing.

So, I've been playing Dead Island lately.....so naturally, the dork in me will immediately do fan art :)


Third time is the charm

Third post of the day. :) I decided to give the previously posted sketch a finishing touch,Thoughts? Crits? Suggestions? Let me know!

Predators and duckies

So, this is my second post today. My plan was to finish off my last batch of projects, but I found myself getting carried away with sketching.

This started out as a sketch based on the new Predators movie...but then turned into something completely different.

Some animal sketches from the Richmond ZOO.

Sketchbook update

I'm trying to loosen up my line work a bit more. Here are a few sketches and warm up drawings from the past few days.


X-Men, The Walking Dead and other sketches

Hey guys,
Here are a few warm up drawings/screen shot studies of various movies/shows. :)

And a quick  Rogue redesign. I might do a few more just for fun in the next few days. :)