Sketches and childhood drawings

A couple more sketches from the past few days.

And as a bonus.....drawings from when I was 8 years old. :) ouch!!!


Vikki Chu said...

Tin, your childhood drawings are amazing! That first one of the child and the ball is seriously beautiful. I hope it's framed.

Tin Salamunic said...

hahaha,You are too kind Vikki. I think they look quite ridiculous. :)
I actually don't have the originals. My friend from Germany that I recently got in touch with sent me these via e-mail, so this is all I have. :)

Jed Alexander said...

Oh these are just beautiful! And the juvenilia (the fancy term for stuff we did when we were kids) blows away anything I did at the same age. You just have this genuine love for drawing and it's apparent in everything you do. It's great to see how observant you were--how you struggled here with the hands, trying to drawing each knuckle. And those horses have a lot of movement in them. Would love to see more of your kid drawings if you manage to dig anything up.