Illustration Survival 101 - Part 01

Hi guys!
I've decided to start a series of tips on marketing strategies and suggestions for rising illustrators and those looking to take their illustration career to the next level. These observations and suggestions are all based on personal experiences and studies, so please keep that in mind as you read through. You are free to share this post as it is my goal to help rising artists and reach out to established illustrators across the world to make this industry as accessible and enjoyable to the newcomers as it is to the ones who made it their life and career.  Click on image below to view full size.


Bombproof said...

Great article!!

Neal Iwan said...

As an illustrator who is trying to re kindle his career, this advice comes at a perfect time. Thank you for putting yourself out there, being transparent and helping your community. I look forward to part 02.

Tin Salamunic said...

Will: Thank you Buddy! :) Hope all is well man! Stay in touch!

Neal: Thanks man. Your approach to painting has always been something I admired and your work continues to inspire me. I've realized that I cannot have the same approach to painting as you do, but that I can use a similar mentality to promoting my methods of drawing. It's all about shifting your thinking from one thing to another and keeping things in perspective. Thanks for reading buddy. Let's catch up soon! :)

Vincent Nappi said...

thanks for the advice, Tin!

this is all great information, especially for someone like myself who is still in school and figuring things out.

going to the source and being around those who have 'made it' is something I know to be invaluable.

I can't wait for part 2!

Tin Salamunic said...

You are more than welcome Vincent.
I believe it is more important to have valuable conversations and give examples as an educator rather than give a direct answer and claim it's the way things are.

I believe that determination and passion can survive the most difficult circumstances and overcome the most discouraging "statistics".

Everything is taught by numbers and labels these days that there appears little to no room for creativity, so it isn't all that surprising that so many talented illustrators leave the arts behind after school.

Keep up the good work. I absolutely love your life drawings! :)

Richie Pope said...

Great stuff, Tin, especially the website color tips. Not many people think of mood when it comes to their designs. Looking forward to susequent posts like this!

Eli said...

Bravo Tin! Great advice, and a very positive outlook on the business of image making. I look forward to part two. Cheers!

Tin Salamunic said...

Thank you Eli. I think the art industry needs a brighter, more positive view of the field. We enter the industry with passion, so might as well approach the business side with the same attitude. :)
Thanks for reading! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey man, thanks for paying it forward. I'll do the same once I get in position to.

Anonymous said...

great , im waiting for part 2